Do we have a professional planning team?

We work closely with Ercle Architects to end up with the best results

Do we offer joint venturers?

We will work with the land owner or commercial building owner who needs a joint owner to help them on there way.

Do we buy commercial building?

We buy commercial buildings with which can be converted into residential. Please get in touch if you have a building to sell.

Do we have a trusted Legal team to make your sell run smoothly?

We work with Mogers Drewett closely so if you have land or a commercial building to sell we can guarantee a smooth sell.

Do you have land to sell?

Please get in touch if you have land to sell to have a no obligation chat.

Do we welcome private and commercial investors?

We are always looking for private and commercial investors who can receive good returns on there money.

What sort of projects do we develop?

We develop new build properties and covert commercial buildings into residential.

How long has Bee Housings Ltd been around?

Bee Housings Ltd has taken a team with highly experienced and motivated people to run our development projects with hundreds of years of experience all having very high standards.